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    I have always loved creativity and the counterintuitive alliances of unusual partners. I now realise how needed this is.

    I worked for Rolls-Royce plc. as a senior engineering consultant. As chair of the Rolls-Royce Engineering Fellowship for 5 years, I created and supported some of their future transformational strategies, invented manufacturing processes and developed specialists. I have been heavily involved with innovation processes including winning some top awards with Rolls-Royce. Throughout this I have remained passionately interested in helping people find passion and purpose.

    I was licensed to ask ‘stupid’ questions, to see things in different ways, turn things upside down and encourage people to run with the new. I morphed into a listener, court jester and maverick. Rolls-Royce asked me to write my own job description – a great privilege. 

    Engineers tell me they have often joined the profession because they are creative, competitive, and want  to make things happen but that they struggle in later years to explain where the dream went. Few can really explain why they work the long hours they do. Projects, programmes and procedures are constantly developed but recognition and development of their full potential can sometimes take second place. Friends outside of engineering tell me of similar experiences. 


    I love helping people by removing mental obstacles and encouraging their unique gifts so that they surprise themselves and others



    Bottom Line

    If you are looking for transformational support in seeing the bigger picture, interested in being properly listened to and finding some answers then contact me.


    I can offer

    • Coaching, mentoring or consultancy to bring about transformation for individuals, engineers, managers and most humans
    • Help in creating strategic innovations for engineering businesses
    • Support acroos the business lifecycle from research to sales to knowledge management
    • Keynote speeches 
    • ‘The book’ – I hope in 2015....I am too busy living the book to make rapid progress