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    Changes and Relationships

    Some personal thoughts

    I increasingly realise that I'm really a mixture of blindspots, OK & clever. The precise ratios are open for debate. It also appears to be true for everyone I've ever met. If someone claims to be stupid or average - watch out for the hidden gifts. It also appears that if someone is really really clever they have matching blindspots of similar proportions. What do you think?

    For me to change, of course I need to see the future prize, the shortfalls of today & the need to change. I also often struggle though without some support, encouragement and honest friendship. Logically I shouldn't need that but in reality...essential.

    My best friends somehow combine a mixture of positives with occasional nudges on my blindspots. I sometimes don't like it internally but afterwards I reflect that perhaps that is the real difference between nice acquaintances and people that genuinely care. I also expect more honesty in friendships now I'm older and sometimes even invite it.

    As an engineer it is hard to acknowledge but honest relationships do seem to matter more than decimal places.

    There are many good acquaintances and good friends in my life - I'm learning the difference.

    Big question for me and you....who cares enough to be honest and supportive in life - to make the changes?

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